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It is in the work of these ministry groups that we are able to strengthen congregations, empower leaders, and impact communities. We are grateful for these saints to give of themselves for the work of the Presbytery. 


Whether it's a Presbytery ministry group or your local church, how will you respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit?

Presbytery Council


PSL Moderator: Rev. Don Frampton

Council Moderator: Mrs. Loretta Credo

Council Vice Moderator: Rev. Zach Sasser

Finance Committee:  Michael O'Keefe

Nominating Committee: Rev. Chan Willis

Committee on Ministry:  Ms. Sharon Fortin

Personnel Committee: Rev. Zach Sasser

Preparation for Ministry:  Rev. Sarah Chancellor Watson

Presbyterian Women: Mrs. Cathy Dunn

Synod Commissioners: Mr. Chip Chiphe and Rev. David Watson

New Worshiping Communities: Rev. Aaron Gordon

Committee on Representation: CRE Patrice Butler

Disaster Preparedness: Ms. Rebecca Lovingood

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