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Below you will find the 2023 PSL Terms forms for pastoral calls within the Presbytery of South Louisiana. 


There are three forms, for three different types of service within pastoral roles in PSL. Terms of Call are for called and installed Presbyterian Ministers of Word and Sacrament. Terms of Service - Office of Temporary Pastor are for temporary pastors, of several types of service. And the Terms of Service - Commissioned Ruling Elders + are for Commissioned Pastors and other forms of Pastoral service to a congregation.


For each type of service, there are three available documents: a PDF form (to print, fill out, sign and return)  a Fillable PDF form (to fill in the values, print, sign, and return), and a Guidance document that walks through each step of the document. Lastly, the COM has developed a worksheet that can aid congregations in calculating the values for the Terms of Call and Terms of Service forms. 

2023 TOC form.pdf

2023 TOC form (fillable form).pdf

2023 TOC Church Guidance.pdf

2023 TOS-OTP.pdf

2023 TOS-OTP (fillable form).pdf

2023 TOS-OTP Church Guidance.pdf

2023 TOS-CRE+ form.pdf

2023 TOS-CRE+ form (fillable form).pdf

2023 TOS-CRE+ Church Guidance.pdf

2023 Terms Calculation Worksheet (for all different types of calls, see the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to find your church's appropriate category)

2023 Church Information Form


PSL Clerk Handbook

2022 Session Minutes Review Checklist

PSL Remittance Form

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